Cutting-Edge Hearing Aids for Every Lifestyle

We bring the most advanced hearing care technology to our patients. From the smallest and most discreet, to the latest hearing instruments, our state-of-the-art hearing aids come in a variety of styles to ensure you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and budget. Our team of compassionate hearing specialists will help you determine which one is right for you. We believe it is our job not only to improve your hearing with top-of-the-line hearing aids, but also your quality of life.

Available Products

Discreet, comfortable, reliable

The Sirion™ 2 family lets you lean back and appreciate the joy of hearing. Available in a range of models that discreetly and comfortably hide behind your ear, Sirion 2 can be customized to fit your personal hearing needs and sound preferences. Its proven features provide you with a relaxed and reliable listening experience in any situation, so you can fully dedicate yourself to the moments that matter most.

Stylish, convenient, effortless

Small, elegant, and superbly discreet, the new Pure® redefines ease of listening. Combining sophistication with outstanding hearing, its powerful, advanced features let you hear effortlessly throughout the day. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, with Pure you can relax and enjoy every detail.

Discreet, comfortable, reliable

Did you know there are hearing aids so discreet others don’t even realize you’re wearing them ― even when you’re making adjustments? Take a close look at Sirion™ 2’s line of in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids. These trustworthy companions are small enough to hide in your ear. But don’t be fooled by their size! Each model is packed with proven features that can be customized to fit your personal hearing needs and sound preferences. This way, you can fully rely on your hearing aids and relax in any listening situation.

Super power. Super connectivity

Available in three models that are customized to fit your ear perfectly, their maximum amplification and sophisticated technology help you to hear more clearly, even in difficult listening situations. Nitro custom learns the way you want to hear and automatically adjusts itself to your preferences.

Sleek, easily controlled, effortless

Robust enough to withstand the rigors of daily life, Motion is IP67-rated to resist moisture, dust, and dirt. A choice of ear hook or Thin Tube ensures maximum hearing and wearing comfort. Its advanced Speech Master function continuously monitors what you are listening to and singles out the dominant speaker to reduce unwanted voices and background noise.

Revolutionary, chargeable, versatile

Cellion primax is the only inductive, wireless and contact-free chargeable hearing aid in the world and are available for nearly all hearing losses. Cellion can be fitted with various domes or custom molds so that anyone can benefit from the new, rechargeable technology.

Flexible, compact, discreet

Carat solves the two most common complaints of hearing aid wearers — hearing speech in noisy environments and hearing over wind noise — thanks to the latest version of BestSound™ Technology. Two independent clinical studies have proven you may even be able to hear better than people with normal hearing in especially difficult listening situations, like cocktail parties and restaurants.* This world’s first advancement is a revolution in audiological engineering that delivers a perfect balance of rich, natural sound quality and audibility.

Comfortable, nearly invisible

The smallest of our behind-the-ear hearing aids, Ace™ is nearly invisible behind the ear for greater discretion. Its tiny form delivers incredible power for e¬ffortless hearing, and thanks to the touchControl™ App you can adjust it conveniently and discreetly.